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  1. -Aoi-
    when do you think the anime 2nd season is coming out o_O.
  2. mineisnotyours~
    I think after the manga is finished...hnn...currently its only a few chapters past the part where the anime stopped. I hope it comes out soon!!! ^.^
  3. -Aoi-
    oic, yeah me too ^^
  4. mineisnotyours~
    hey are you cosplaying for the cosfest? or is anyone here cosplaying? hnnn...im pretty confused about how to cos in the [email protected]@.....gomene......any advice anyone?
  5. -Aoi-
    haha i'm not. just going there to look see look see!~ XD
    you can find me there ! ~ XD
  6. mineisnotyours~
    O.o.....i want to cosplay but i have zero self esteem....i hope i dun chicken out on that day...T-T sobs......I am doing tyki mikk is anyone doing yu kanda?
  7. -Aoi-
    Lol same haha! XD
    I wan do Ciel from Kuroshitsuji.
    but no self esteem T_T! heheheh XD
  8. mineisnotyours~
    haha...i like ciel....but i only like skimmed through kuroshitsuji.....hope to actually fully read it!!!! I actually thought that the voice actor for ciel was the same for Allen walker...then a friend told me that he was not...haha....well i shall wish you!!! GANBATTE!!!!!!!!!!!! We shall pick ourselves up and cosplay with confidence!!!!!! muahahahaha...sorry it juz came out!!! T-T lame.....well Ganbatte again!!!!! ^.^
  9. -Aoi-
    Lol its okay xD
    Me like Ciel too!~ But i like seb more. XD
    haha ganbette! ~ ~ ~ ~ XD
  10. mineisnotyours~
    haha thx!!
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