Members introduction :3 Feel free to fill in ~

  1. Ryoukino
    Name : Lydia Tan
    Age : 19
    Location : Singapore , Toa payoh
    Currently still studying .

    Interested in manga , anime , visual novel ~

    Currently only 1 member which is me
  2. Kurumiko
    name: kurumiko, if it's too long, miko is fine <: unless you rather call my real name
    age: 19
    location: kallang, singapore
    interest: games(mainly jap ones); ARPG & visual novels. anime, manga, bunnies, cosplay, weird & nonsensical stuff lol.

    nice to meet you all ~
  3. Wind_Squid
    Name: Wind_Squid. you could call me 'Squid' or 'Hey'. or.. whatever you want! unless you wanna know my real name, stalker-san! xD
    I'm Squid girl, invader of the sea!!
    Age: 14. argh. i'm the youngest so far in this group. i'm in your cares, senpais!
    Location: Penang, Malaysia
    Interests: anything otaku-ish! i like realistic drawings, too! but it's soo hard!

    Nice to meet'cha!
    Let's get along, ne?
    ooh.. i love that bunny emoticon!! It's sooo cute!
  4. fantasyboy70
    My name is :Zen! (I am chinese But I dont wanna use that name here)
    Interest:I wanna know more nice anime to watch and I like katana and otaku stuff too!
    I like games too! Does Pokemon counts?

    Nice to meet yall!
  5. TeMP3sT
    Name : Daniel Voon
    Age : 20
    Location : Singapore , Pasir Ris
    Interests: Anime, Games, cosplay, reading, biking

    Heya guys, the name is Daniel, but I am fine with most names or nicknames, so just fire away.
    Annnnnd, I am pretty old huh... Only ^20 in this group, and I am currently serving in the army TAT
    I got into the anime craze a few years back, but i never really had an avenue to speak about it, so in this aspect i am probably a bit more wet behind the ears than some of you guys here =3
    In my spare time I play all kinds of games, be it computer, tabletop or sports, but you would usually find me playing cards or league of legends during my off days from army. (Used to cycle alot but my bike broke and I never got it replaced haha)
    Anyways, I hope to get along well with all of ya! ;D
  6. Mastersparkk
    Name: CH
    Age: 19
    Location: South East, Singapore
    Skype Id: soul_keeper25
    Interest: Wish to find someone to casually play some multi player online game like madoka, touhou etc

    Hope we get along!
  7. whitec4nvas
    Name: Canvas
    Location: Singapore. West side.
    Interests: Reading and writing novels. :3

    Nice to meet you all!
  8. SakuraTear
    Name: Sakura / Rion call me any of these two :3
    Age: 17+ ?
    Location: Singapore, somewhere around central area
    Interests: Watching Anime , Reading Manga , Day dreaming (?)

    Hi, happen to found this group and got into my interest , I'm a Loner that doesn't know how to make friends OuO'' still kinda of new but working on it ! so...Nice to meet you all
  9. MavisMochi
    Hi, I'm Mavis!
    Age: 14+
    location: CCK, Singapore
    likes: Anime, manga, arcade, recently started to cosplay also
    I just joined SGcafe, and saw this group. I don't know many otakus, and I'm not really good with socialising, so I thought I could just get to know more friends here! I'm one of the younger people here it seems. Nice to meet you and I hope you don't mind me joining!
  10. GamaChan
    Name: Gama (Though you can call me Ayane too~)
    Age: 14+
    Location: Serangoon, Singapore
    Interests: Ehh...anime, manga, shopping, cosplaying, singing, drawing, writing hahah a lot of stuff >w<

    Found this group through some post. Though I already know quite a few otakus, there's always room for more friends ^^
    Hahahah, you'll see me around at most events (except next year, because O levels TT^TT) so I dunno, if you happen to go, just say hi, I don't bite 8D
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