Should we all hold a meetup session ?

  1. Ryoukino
    Do you guys think we should hold a meetup session to like talk about our fave stuffs and get along , bonding ? :3
  2. Wind_Squid
    That's so cool!!
    too bad i'm not in SG..!
  3. JeForceX
    A meet-up / gathering will be great!
    We should discuss on a date, time, and location which most folks can meet with convenience.
  4. T-Essex-J
    Would like to join if you are holding any~~~
  5. yuki_bear
    hey. anyone goin for events in may/june? maybe can meet up then?
  6. Fredrick
    i am going for acm this coming 17 may and some event on june add me on facebook :
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