Any Anime/Manga recommendation?

  1. SakuraTear
    Hi, ehh is any anime/manga recommendation for me ?
    I personally like anime/manga that involve with mecha
    It doesn't have to be mecha any good anime/manga will do ~
  2. whitec4nvas
    Code Geass!
  3. Mastersparkk
    manga: Denpa Kyoushi Manga - Read Denpa Kyoushi Online at (an otaku genius became a teacher! how would he teaches his students?)
    anime: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (school life, COMEDY, some fighting)
  4. Wind_Squid
    Maid sama! and K-on!
    i know it's old but.. for people who haven't watched it before!
    For those who like science and weird things. >> Haruhi Suzumiya
    For those who wants to feel the feels>> Ano hana, Clannad, Angel Beats.
    For those who like random stuff. comedy. >> Danshi koukousei no ichijou
  5. thewang
    You can try watching Valvrave the Liberator!!
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