1. AllenUchiha
    Hey all,

    thanks for joining Oh-taku Circle! ( Let's just pretend I already have new members, alright? )

    Knowing each other is important, and so maybe you could give a short one below?

    Starting with me, I'm Allen, but my pen-name is Aki. ( I have an anime review site actually )
    My interests are, obviously watching animes, gaming and sports.
    Genres I'm interesting in are romance, some ecchi ( do not judge me ), and action!

    Once again, I thank you for joining. If you're interested, you can pm me your phone number so that I can create a WhatsApp group! I'll only create it when we've got at least 10 members though.
  2. ElfNovember
    what's your anime review site ? *would like to check it out*
  3. AllenUchiha

    Not much contents at the moment. But the number of posts are gradually growing
  4. ElfNovember
    It's cool
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