Ground Rules

  1. AllenUchiha
    3 ABSOLUTE rules that all members are to abide to. Breaking of any will result in a kick straightaway.
  2. AllenUchiha
    1. Respect one another.

    Now I don't expect everyone to have a friendly character. Even in animes, there are people of different personalities; some are cold and some are really friendly. However, what's most important is to respect one another. By respect, I mean accepting the different viewpoints of others and if you disagree, then politely do so, with supporting information to show that you're right.
  3. AllenUchiha
    2. No explicit contents.

    We do have members of different genders and ages. Now I don't really care about underage whatsoever. But that doesn't mean others don't. Some may just not be comfortable with those, so please nothing of this sort.
  4. AllenUchiha
    3. No fighting.

    I know! We've all been in an inevitable argument before. As long as it's resolved by the end, it's cool. We all have different viewpoints when it comes to animes, but just make sure it doesn't get out of hand. Friendly bickers are of course, fine. But not when it turns into one hell of a fight which may affect other members of the circle. When caught in a situation like this, I'd suggest you not fight back and just snap a screenshot. That'll ensure your safety.
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