VIP (Very important position)
President : Me
Vice-president : Yuki_Loli
Vice of vice president : Kamuro

SIP (Somewhat important position)
Whatever stuff disposer - Watever_forum
Toilet Cleaners 's Manager : Kimi_Eden
Emo Counselor : Skygerz
LOL (Lord of laughter) : Akimme
Kitchen Head : XkosmoX
Chibi Chief : M.Yukino
Complain Section : Yuchiebunny
Cameraman : Neez
Jester : Kazuki_Ryoma
VIP Personal Helper : Yuki_Shermaine

LIP (Less important position)
Toilet Cleaner : Miisaki
Freak : Also Akimme
Kuih Tart Maker - Kuitan
Office Boy : Neez
Yellow Section : Kakafish
S*** : xfactor

Welcome to S.S Complany PTE LTD where we're best in Singapore, Johor Bahru and some say Batam. Our mission is to spread the love of spamming and promote our spamming techniques. We even have our own company song but will vomit blood after singing and listening to it. We have our spamming product to be soon launched too ^^

Rules :
1) I say u do, u do it quickly (Coz i'm the president)
2) Yuki loli say u do, u do now
3) Kamuro say u do, u do later
4) Toilet cleaner Miisaki must listen to toilet cleaner's manager, Eden.
5) No breaking of rules. Especially Skygerz

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