This club is created to dedicate the Vongola Family of the anime "Kateikyo Hitman: REBORN!"

If you wish to join, PM me which guardian you would like to be.

Sky Ring: Vongola Boss [Sawada Tsunayoshi]
(Unknown - The rarest of flames, it allows the user to be capable of using boxes of any type.)


Storm Ring: Guardian of the Storm [Hayato Gokudera]
(Degeneration - It can disintegrate and/or disassemble a substance.)


Rain Ring: Guardian of the Rain [Takeshi Yamamoto]
(Tranquility - It can extinguish the flames of others.)


Cloud Ring: Guardian of the Cloud [Kyouya Hibari]
(Propagation - It can "feed" on the flames of others, making its own stronger.)


Mist Ring: Guardian of the Mist [Rokudo Mukuro]
(Deception - This is the flame of Illusion, used for tricking the mind and harming the body.It can also conceal the user or help detect enemies.)


Thunder Ring: Guardian of the Lightning [Lambo]
(Solidification - Its flames can solidify and carry properties of electricity.)


Sun Ring: Guardian of the Sun [Sasagawa Ryohei]
(Activation - It can "activate" or "jump-start" anything as well as speed up its progress; useful for healing purposes.)


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