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    Default Ordering of items~

    Hi everyone this is my Ordering of items thread.
    Feel free to look around.~
    Terms & Conditions
    1. Meet-ups at Serangoon MRT. To my convenience.
    2. Payment upon collection, meet-ups only, no bank transfer.
    3. Please check if the items are correct.
    4. No refunds, do check the item.
    4. I will give you a discount if you buy more than 3 items.
    5. Please do not confirm, then back out.
    6. I will only give out my contact details once you have confirmed with me if you want to purchase the item.
    7. If two people are interested in the same item, I will sell it to the one who gives a higher price.
    8. PM me here at SGcafe~ Don't worry! I go online daily.
    9. Please inform with me if you are not interested in the item, I won't bite.
    Doing taobao orders too~~~~it would be better to contact 83381433 ~i'm doing ordering of Rilakkuma wallets xD
    Larger one is $24~ smaller one is $20~ cheaper than the ones you can get in Singapore~ I got mine at Plaza sin, Toy Outpost T^T and dammit, it was expensive $30 >.<
    PM me here. Meet-ups at serangoon mrt~

    I do IFAIRY & GEO contact lenses ordering~
    IFAIRY-$ 25 per pair
    GEO-$ 15 Per pair. $21 for Princess Mimi, Animation lens~
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