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    Default mizumi's taobao spree!!!(east side)

    heyhey i am now doing a taobao shopping spree :3 yay!!!! from taobao singapore(Taobao Singapore - Taobao Agent Singapore | 新加坡淘宝代购 - SGshop)

    1.Will ONLY ORDER after 1st Payment

    2.Refunds will only be made if item is out of stock
    3.After ordering if you decide to cancel , only 20% is refunded.
    4.Payment done by meetup (to my convenience) or by bank transfer

    Bank transfer: Please take a picture of the receipt and whatsapp to me OR sms/whatsapp how much you transferred and the Transaction number.
    Meetup: Will be arranged after confirmation of order
    5. Please DO NOT MIA after 1st Payment

    1 week grace will be given for you to pay. After that, items will be mine or thrown away.Please inform me if you will be overseas around the estimated date the items arrive and the date you will be back. (So I won't assume you are MIA-ing)
    6. Second Payment will be calculated after items have arrived in Singapore and to be paid during collection
    7. Please be prepared for crazy shipping prices if you are ordering bulky/big/heavy items

    3. Fill Order list in this method:

    Item #1
    item name:
    Item url:
    Other Remarks: (Sizes for customized costumes/Colour...Etc)

    if interested,do email me @[email protected] for faster reply thanks
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