Hi all!
I will be going to Japan, Tokyo from 25th of Aug to 2nd of Sep. I am providing a Buying Service which will let u get your items directly from Japan itself! Please read the following buying process with terms and conditions.

Locations/Events i will be visiting:
-Nakano Broadway
-Animelo Summer Live 2015, all 3 days.

I am able to purchase anything as long as i can find it. Ranges from TCGs, CDs/DVDs/BDs, merchandises, shirts etc etc. I will take the size of the item into consideration. If your will want any Animelo goods, a commission will be charged.

Buying Process:
1) A budget (maximum amount i will buy the item at) must be quoted to me. I will try to find the item within the maximum given quoted. Any excess amount left over will be my commission. Thus, no amount will be return after the item is bought successfully.
2) A picture/reasonable description of the item will be needed.
3) A full/partial deposit MUST be given to me, be it by cash face-to-face or by bank transfer to POSB/OCBC account. Full or Partial will depend highly on the nature of the item itself.
4) Japanese Yen will be preferred over Singapore Dollars. In the case Singapore Dollars in given, rate will be set by me (not following any market rate).
5) In the case when the item exceeds the budget that is given to me, the item will NOT be purchased.
6) Once a budget has been set, they will be no modification of the budget.

Terms and Condition:
1) NO REFUND nor RETURN will be entertained.
No Refund nor Return policy - Once the deposit is given to me, i will not refund any amount even if the item has not been bought yet. Only time refunds will be given will be when the cost of the item exceeds the budget given to me.
2) I will execute a reasonable amount of professional due care to check that the item is in acceptable condition before buying. So i will not entertain any form of exchange/refund request.
3) In the case when partial deposit is given and after the item has been bought and buyer decided to back out and not pay the remaining , no refund will be given.
4) If Singapore Dollar was given to me, the refund will be in Singapore Dollar and in the same way if Yen was given, Yen will be refunded.

If interested, please drop me a massage for inquiries. Deadline will be 24th of Aug.
Last but not least, please use market price fair value to determine your budget. It does not mean that Japan means everything will be cheaper...