Order from:

Closing once hit RMB $1000

Estimated Shipping per item: $3 - $4 (any remainder will be used to offset shipping, postage or refunded)

Takes 2-3 weeks to arrive after sending in of orders. (Subject to delays)
(Ordering in Mid-End April, place your order ONLY if you can WAIT without fussing thanks)


EMS Rates:
RMB190 for the first 0.5kg, and then RMB45 for each subsequent 0.5kg
Split according to weight. (May get up to 20% off!)

All will be done on my website's update page at thekittywalk. Updates to be done only when orders are sent and items have arrived in SG.

Initial Exchange Rate:
RMB 1 : SGD0.22

Normal Postage (Collected in 2nd Payment)
Registered Postage (+ $2.24 on top of Normal Postage)
Bulky Items - ONE Meetup at Simei and Lavender MRT each or Self Collection (Dates TBC upon arrival)

Handling Fee of $1 per parcel with A4 sized envelopes.

- Collected in 2nd Payment

Extra Charges:
Agent (15% of total cost)
Paypal 3.5% of total cost

Extra Info *:
- As prohibited items will not be able to pass through China or Singapore Customs, please refrain from ordering these items as they will be confiscated by the authorities and no refunds will be made.


Brand-inspired items at your own risk. (Extra $5-$10 per fake branded/brand-inspired goods)

- Mails will only be mailed on the nearest Sunday evening of arrival as the EMS shipment will reach my Tampines place (only staying there during weekends)

Order Form:
(please make payment before sending in the order form, and read "Info for TB sprees before ordering)

POSB Savings 209-52552-6

LJ Nick / Real Name :
Email Address :
Account Details :
Method of Collection : Normal / Registered

Item No.1
Name of Item :
URL : copy the whole url
Name of Seller:
Size :
Color :
Alternatives : (same price as item only)
Quantity :
Price in RMB (一口价):
Courier (快递) :

Total in RMB (+ Courier):
Total in SGD : (Total Cost of Items in RMB+ Courier) * 0.22 * 1.10 * 1.035 + ($3 initial shipping * no. of items) = S$xxx (Please round up to nearest 5 cent)

(e.g - (500 + 50) *0.22 * 1.10 * 1.035 + ($3 *5) = S$152.758 / - $152.80 / after ROUNDUP)

Transaction Reference :
Total Amount transferred to POSB Savings 209-52552-6:
Time/Date of transfer:
Amt Transferred :
IB nick:


ATM: Email Scan of Receipt to [email protected]

Via ATM:
Transaction Reference :
Amt Transferred :
Time and Date of transfer:

Visit thekittywalk for more info regarding this spree thank you!