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    Default KANEKALON Wig Spree (OPEN!)

    Hi there, Takumi here to assist you if you have any wigs that you would like to order for cosplay/casual wear/visual-kei/etc...

    I deal with various famous wig suppliers on Taobao (Fantasy Sheep, Kucos, 1/2 Prince, CCKids, etc..)

    Depending on the supplier a short - medium length wig would cost around $40-$50. A longer wig (eg. 100cm), would cost slightly above that.

    Ordering Method
    1) Give me a picture or description of the wig that you would like (clear colour, length & style)
    2) Will reply you with some examples of the wig and price.
    3) If you agree, send me a PM using the order form as below.
    4) I will reply you with my details and payment method.
    5) After payment is made and the MOQ is reached, I will place orders with my agent.
    6) Wigs will arrive in a months time depending on availability.

    Ordering Form
    Full Name:
    Contact Number (with country code):
    Picture of wig:
    Price Quoted:

    I offer postage within Malaysia and to Singapore ONLY.
    RM8 flat rate within Malaysia.
    $20 flat rate to Singapore.
    These prices are restricted to a maximum parcel of 5 wigs only. If your parcel exceeds 5 wigs, the postage charge would increase slightly.

    I will do my best to give you the best price possible, no worries

    You may contact my partner's email: [email protected] if you have any other questions. Try to keep quotes within this board though, thank you.
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