The ninjas are coming!

Ever had any rare anime or game related merchandise you always wanted to get your hands on? Want to buy something that doesn't ship out of Japan? Frustrated at badly packed items?
Our team of highly-trained ninjas will assist you in any way possible.

Here is some idea on what we can get our hands on. These include but are not limited to :

- Anime/manga merchandise
- Used game cartridges (for the retro gamer in all of us!)
- Cosplay items (c'mon, you can't order EVERYTHING from Taobao or CosCure...)
- Game related goods (limited editions, artbooks, etc)
- Blu-Ray boxed sets, new releases of games with extra preorders contents (you know you want it!)
- Nendoroids (all kinds and all types!)
- BJD (ball-jointed doll) clothes, parts and accessories

Upset with the Premium Bandai Store? Amazon out of stock? Want something but don't know how to get it? Why not give us a try?

Send us an email at [email protected] to order, or visit our FB page at or Carousell at