I'm Ralene and I'm a bit of a lurker to these boards (and finally decided to join up to post).

I've been trying to track down a set of Chuang Yi English Manga for awhile with very little success and I now turn to you to see if you can assist me with my request.

The set I am trying to obtain is the Digimon Frontier english mangas (Chuang Yi Publishing | 创艺出版社) Volumes 2 and 3. That will allow me to complete my collection!

The main issue is the fact that I am not located in Singapore, but in the US. However, to cover for that fact (and the need for shipping) I will cover all shipping costs (including insurance, delivery costs, etc) and a small bit of extra funds as a thank-you for helping me complete my goal of a complete collection.

There are other books I would like to obtain for my collection and I will be happy to strike up a bargain or plan if I can obtain these other series as well...but the Digimon Frontier books are still my 1st priority!

Please feel free to contact me via Private Messaging here at the forums or email me directly at alkaide(dot)rose(@)gmail(dot)com

I am also willing to purchase volumes of English manga/graphic novels for those who want them and ship them to you for a small fee as well, so please feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do!

Again, thank you for reading this and I hope to hear some good news on these books soon!