Hey keyboardist out there, are you interested in Jpop? Are you interested in having a band to play in?
If so, join us!

We currently have 5 members, and now we need a keyboardist to be able to play more songs.

The Music we play
We play mostly songs by K-ON!, Aya Hirano, Do as Infinity, GirlzDemo,Scandal, Supercell , you should briefly get what songs we play.

Our Setlist
Do As Infinity - Heart, Tooku Made
K-ON! - Don't Say Lazy, Fude Pen Ballpoint
Aya Hirano - God Knows
Scandal - Doll
Girlz Demo - Little Braver

What we are looking for


-Needs to know how to use string effects and other keyboard effects
-Age 17~23

-Have your own keyboard
-Past gig experiences
-Interested in Japanese cultures and stuff

Don't worry we are a friendly bunch of people and we don't bite, so its ok to have a try out with us.
Contact me at 8222 5049 or add me on msn at [email protected]
Look forward to working with you