We finally assembled quite a solid full band! Took us many months but we finally did it! But what's a J-rock Band without a singer tt sings Japanese songs? Our main influences are LisA, Supercell, Anime songs / Classics, Vocaloid Covers / composers (such as kz livetune) and etc. We are very open to song choice as long as we all agree on the songs as a band. We currently have 1 keyboardist, Bassist, Drummer and 2 Guitarist. All of us are in our late teens and early 20's. Age doesnt exactly matter, all tt matters is tt we can all clique.

Anyways here's our requirement:

1) Decent Vocal Range and Good Japanese Diction
2) Presentable and have good self-esteem / confident (as our front women)
3) Can Distinguish tones for transposition (Basically your not tone deaf)
4) Sounds somewhat like LisA, Yanagi Nagi (ex member of supercell), konomi suzuki (Singer for "This Game" OST for No Game, No Life). Of course, im not expecting you to sound exactly like them but at least can sing along those lines
5) Similar song preferences
6) Open to feedback

Disclaimer: We're definitely looking for the best we can possibly find, so pls dont be offended if we feel that you're not suitable.

Please contact me if you feel you're up for it! Whatsapp / text me (90 469 469 - Dorm). Btw we normally jam at the east and we have our own studio (good equipment), so we dont have to spend on studio =)

Looking forward to you contacting us!

Thank you!!