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    Exclamation Looking for J'Rock 1 Vocalist, 1 Guitarist & 1 Pianist. Anyone interested?

    Our band only have 3 musician currently. 1 guitarist, 1 bassist, 1 drummer(Me). But lack of vocalist. & would like to have another guitarist and pianist to make our music sounds better

    Is there any Male vocalist, guitarist, pianist out there interested to join our band?

    We concentrate more on J'Rock songs, sometimes abit of Pop and Soft-Rock too.

    The next song we're practicing to improve on ourselves is "The Revenant Choir" from Versailles.

    If you're interested, please PM me or send me a message on my facebook account. Cheers

    These are some of the videos from our jamming session:

    Gazette - Cassis (Cover)!/video/vid...12399848808324

    Gazette - Guren (Cover)!/video/vid...12400952141547

    Gazette - Silly God Disco (Cover)!/video/vid...12401785474797

    Songs composed by ourselves
    BlackLace黑蕾丝(新创作) -失去的爱 by 彬Kirobi (Bassist)!/video/vid...08681052513537

    BlackLace黑蕾丝(新创作) - [你知道吗?我爱你] by Yunikai(Guitarist)!/video/vid...08680195846956

    Feel free to add me on my facebook and check out more video from us.

    My facebook account:****i

    If my privacy settings prevent you from viewing those videos.

    Please view our facebook page for those videos.....follow the link provided below!/pages/Bla...27041503981439
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