We are glad to inform that student who sign up before 6th December 2004 will get a set of Intel Based Workstation given to them when they sign up for the program.

Quality Assurance

We assures that students will be able to develop games on PS/2, Xbox, Online , Platform, Real Time Strategy, Role Playing Games, 1st/3rd person shooting games & Java Games. If for any reasons students are unable to develop any of these games, we will refund up to 50% of the total course fees.

Course Fees

Course Fees for the program is $14,900 and there are instalments available.

Quick Facts

Diploma in Game Design & Development

This programme prepares you for a professional career in the Film, Multimedia, Gaming and Computer Graphics industries. Graduates will be taught the essence of 2D and 3D animation methodologies, and learn critical application techniques to excel as a professional game programmer or designer. This programme realises your aspiration.

To be a CITS Apprentice

A strong, burning passion and dedication for 3D Game Design & Development
Possess great discipline and focus to meet programme intensive requirements
Able to commit full-time or part-time and willing to put in the extra mile in assignments and projects
Possess sound financial plan to study full-time for the entirety of the programme, either through personal funding or financial schemes.
Possess positive attitude and aptitude to complete the programme.

Training Methodology

Hands on practical approach from traditional media to digital media.
Studio Environment
Real life application assignments and case studies
Discipline, focus and creative learning experiences taught by industry professionals

Training Duration For Full-time Programme

Diploma in Game Design & Development

12 months Programme

Training Duration For Part-time Programme

Diploma in Game Design & Development

18 months programme

You Graduate with these

Your very own professional Game Demo Reel in various different platform (Xbox/PS2/Online/Platform/RTS/RPG).
The essential skills to understand and pick up future 3D Game technologies with ease.
A transcript that highlights your grades and achievements.
Confidently work and carve out a career in the Film, Multimedia, Gaming and Computer Graphics industries.
Access to employment strategies and resources under the Job Placement Programme.
Graduate with other CITS graduates who are potentially your future working colleagues or partners.

Axl Loon