I only know of amazon.co.jp and one other side that sells it.. but the price is twice the amount sold on オーディオドラマDVD 『魔法科高校の劣等生』 【再入荷分予約】|電撃屋 (Doesn't ship internationally.... DuH!!!!! SAD!!!)

I buy my light novels from a website called honto.jp and it has never failed me, but it doesn't have the product above.
Novel around SGD$10 per book... (I dun find getting a Kinokuniya membership worth it for me..) I used SAL..

Checked that yesasia and cdjapan doesn't have it at all.. Of course the website did say that the product will only be released on April, therefore I am asking if anyone do know of any place that has preorder for the above product internationally.
Well, though of course, if i have friends going, i can get them to get it for me though

Well, i did thought of using vpost to do transfer of products and middle-man purchase but I would try to avoid such a method for my own preference..

Thank you....