The car is over the bridge because this girl planned to fly over some trees by the park. This idiot lit up a rocket that explodes, and she tried pouring her urine while smoking. Crows flew towards the squishy green moss while it eat the bose-einstein condensate. Although titans incorporated wriggling in Insurance-Funds, ​the reindeer ate shit then squeezed some lemons. Unfortunately the blackcat stuck unto the car's hood. ACDC witnessed Predalian5 spanking the Superhero and then destroyed some houses. Batman quickly flew tospace ship eight million nine hundred and sixty nine thousand four hundred and forty four from strawberry land. Suddenly, pineapples blasting man became Superman-Prime.Humming through birds shitting inside cars suddenly the Hero masticates​the brobdingnagian into the car. Eventually Wham! Down the car where penguins resuscitates humans. Soon, she'll unleash the panstu upon numerous ​titans licking ice cream. Sadly, the ​black coconut shattered across multiple areas amongst the cars. North of stadium declared showdown at rooftop ​to chop ​trees. Incomprehensible lewd proved that it's useless to be tied unto the car. He attempted Ricky to Martin who might annihilate menudo with Afritada balaclava ​and mash cockroaches for ​the revolution. After the munchkins ​brought tampons ​filled with mayonnaise and yaminabe. "EndlessTerror" ​shouted "Daisuki! killing millions of people. ​They flew toward the ​sky of Gods and then​the eggs float towards the cleavage of minerals. ​The Oblivion of pillow is ready to die for ​food. After Blayne06 ​crawl into ​boiling lava smelling the Ash onions, he killed Toecrusher100 and threw Earth ​to moon then farted. ​Blackcat ate A piece of Cake that squeezed out loads of candy ​to cast a magic spell called "Forbidden Arcanum - Hourai Elixir". The cake exploded at the head of Insurance-Enterprises. The President killed the nigga AIDS free then he fap watching. The guy threw a coin in the whale's asshole which caused an explosion in a can that was trademarked more then the company of Pepsi. Predalian5 annihilated all the houses of cards which is an act of war. Then, Canada apologized greatly to aweberry then He flew back to his boat while ​titans attacked zues​ with music. Realistically he started farting like peter ​while eating fifteen banana splits. But the mad man slapped his ass with raw bacon and Coke. Fascinated ​he picked​the banana then it ​exploded. Pervert Roshi decided to peek inside the legendary underwear at God-Mountain. ​While peeking, he checked thoroughly through ​the small snake while having a hotdog in his house. Apparently, He smashed his both bottles than drank the Elixir so he gained super-powers. "So what?" exclaimed by the so-called "king", Unfortunately unknown objects appeared in the sky, frighteningly they kissed in the ​lips. The old witch from hansel declared that she'​s gonna bake a little kid shit ​while swallowing a huge candy. What happened next is too fast because ​the candy crush was deemed too stupid to show the public. ​But there is nothing for them to do ​in here, so they decided to go and hunt for Miku's pantsu. Predalian5 defeated mid-boss Blayne06. It was the funniest thing witnessed by sherylnome and what Sirmail. Did it ​to be. The lolicon mokkun wanted to steal all pantsu on the moon. Then, Pico wanted to jump over the car that was parked at the other lot with a ​stick. Which ​then exploded in the cliff of mount doom. The big crater reacted ​to the explosion cause by a comet. Sozin anaki attacked the village of soonyah, while my hometown battled zombies. Blayne06 flipped the bird onto my huge duck ​to Mordor and kissed his computer. "Caution" read ​with extreme yaoi or Suki. ​Yaoi is Predalian5's father because he had banged his mother. Nagisa, who killed Tomoya and ​became a celebrity but she was attacked by Tomoyo from behind. Then the yaoi killed the recent trending of SAO by shoving it with delicious flames in hell. Luckily, the Nervegear switched ​frequencies and missed the time lapse that was bending from the wall ​to the window! Then, all the armies of Miku-sama suddenly charged at the tiny crest of the hope. Ciel, a phantom, decides to creep around the penthouse and scare kagamine Rin and suddenly sebastian popped Hatsune Miku's butler's head off and ​ran off. "Hey!" yelled Hentai Kamen. But somehow no-one heard that person's yell, it was terrifyingly terrifying because the voice sounded like Bane from Batman, which SpiralArchitect did to annoy everyone within a mile! Fortunately, Batman saved us. But un-reliably he fell toward a boat.​ A monsterous being known for destroying ants. That was made completely out of radioactive pantsu... supplied by Hatsune-sama! Joining forces with the metaloids, Arusai decided to play together withhis/her secret "Toy". Then, he/she came all the way from Planet Sentian to destroy the earth. But, suddenly Wind-Squid stopped farting all of the sudden crap. In this ​story, Miku-sama called Predalian5 to annihilate all Otakus before they left planet pluto. Soon after, the Okatu's rebelled against the Mad-Titan. But Death is inevitable to all Titans that they'll turn ​into ​jelly beans before they become insane with being slow. ​Dreams that suck people's *BEEP*lives in​madness.They even killed humans directly by the "CCCC-COMBO Breaker" laser they made before WW2.​Let's cook takoyaki right now... Not like those idiots who didn't bother doing their thing properly which means they're very stupid to think that they'd hated doing stuff wrong. Angels from earth's core are ancient evil demons. What they are like in their sleeping demon dream form? nobody understands how they could turn into sleeping demon dream thing... yeah... anyway, the story began with Archangel Loka, Which is an awesome looking God angel. She has a weapon that can manipulate the demons from being... well... Idiots? Maybe? Nevermind the random wordings, let's talk about you. So ​tomorrow, let's try thinking of a peaceful thought for this story and continue on ​writing about ​nothing. So nothing is real sad about this ​conversation when nothing really matters ​now does it?​ or perhaps ​it pertains in the ​way that all other conversations do ​not do... I personally​ think that we should​ do something worth doing. If ​unicorns can have wings, ​their kind will ​continue to live till the end ​of this ​generation's time ​before it's ​ending apocalypse ​ends and when that​ happens, all​ the things ​will be ​dead in ​seconds. Understand ​the deaths ​of millions are no​t caused by oversized hamsters, but the ​dangos over reacted to hyper rabbits​ from space, hopping around like the idiots that think they ​are soooooo ​awesome and smart that this undaunting ​figure suddenly appeared in ​front of ​them. Some thing's are unpredictable because certain verities ​said that