i'm looking for cosplayers or cosplay fans and photographers to interview.
just a few questions, and preferably a picture of the cosplayers. (its okay if you cant give. (: )
i'm doing this for a project for school.
i hope that you all can do me a favour xDD
thanks alot!!!

I need about 5-10 cosplayers.
and about 3-5 fans or photographers

you can just reply to the thread.
will credit that all this were given by you and that i will not use them for other purposes xD

For cosplayers
#Q1) When did you first started cosplaying? (can also state how you suddenly got your interest into cosplaying)

#Q2) Why do you cosplay? What are the benefits?

#Q3) How much do you spend on cosplay costumes+ props?

#Q4) Whom have you cosplayed before?

#Q5) What are your views on cosplay (In General).

For Fans or photographers
#Q1) How did you get involved in cosplay?

#Q2) Why did it interest you in the first place?

#Q3) What do you expect from cosplayers?

#Q4) Would you be cosplaying in future?

#Q5) What are your views on cosplay? (In General)