My sis bought the same one - Magical Cooker TH-IC20- for my mom. The same short-circuit problem occurred when we turned it on and selected one setting. The cooker simply tripped the whole house. Found out that the fuse inside the cooker had blown (it was rated below the plug fuse (12A vs 13A) so that one is intact).

Noshuu, may I know what you did afterwards with the cookers? Did you send them back for repairs? And if so, what's wrong? I am trying to fix ours. If it is simply replacing a part, I would do it myself. Taiyo Sg service center said this cooker is old model and may or may not be able to fix it. But heck, it was expensive when sold at Courts. And with warranty out, the repair cost will not be pretty.

Let me know ,


[QUOTE=Noshuu;5074901]Please advise your family and friends not to buy TAIYO Magical Cooker.

TAIYO - brand
Magical Cooker - Induction cooker which heats up the wok without requiring gas

The particular problematic item

My mum and aunt bought the same cooker about the same time 3-4 years ago. When we were at my aunt's home for CNY eve dinner 2 years ago, a short circuit occurred. After some checking with the power plugs and electrical appliances, we found the problem to be the TAIYO Magical Cooker, which was bought not long ago and only the second time of use.

Just now, due to what had happened at my aunt's then, my mum started the cooker with a low power. A short while later, a short circuit happened at my home. Checks with power plugs and electrical appliances found the same problem - the TAIYO Magical Cooker. We almost never have short circuits and our home is first-hand 6 years old from HDB with lots of care taken.

So yeah, it ruined the fun of our yearly CNY steamboat, we had to cook it the conventional way - dump all ingredients into the wok and cook it over the stove