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    Default Deepest Apologize to all Pokemon TCG Fans

    As you all may or may not know, we organized the Pokemon TCG HS Unleashed PreReleased Tournament last Saturday and Sunday at E2Max and Action Toyz IMM respectively. The response was over-whelming. As we had only 12 slots on each day, Dozens of Pokemon TCG fans who wanted to take part was left out of this event.

    I sincerely apologize to these Pokemon TCG Players, as I understand how fustrating it is to be excluded from this event. Further more, I wish to explain why we only have so little slot available:

    1. I underestimated the popularity of the Pokemon Trading Card game, as I didnt realize until a few weeks ago that there are actually alot Pokemon Players in Singapore. And this event was planned 2 months ago

    2. I was unable to find suitable venues as we are unable to get support from the Retail Shops. Other than the Pokemon Gym at E2Max, only Action Toyz are willing to support us at the very beginning and gave us the space to hold this event. However, there is only a small space available at their branch at IMM.

    3.I am unable to get more support from Pokemon Organized Play as Singapore is not on their radar as a Pokemon Hotspot, judging from past history.

    I hope that everyone understand the difficult situation that we are in at this moment, and I hope you can forgive me if you are one of the players affected.

    I promise that in the future, I will work even harder to ensure that everyone who loves the game and Pokemon will be able to play to their heart content and never again excluded from any major events.

    At the mean time, there are a few more events that you can take part in the future:

    The Robo League Dahlia Season is starting this coming weekend, on the 8th and 9th of May. For more information, visit Team Robo - Pokemon Organized Play for Singapore

    The Pokemon TCG National Championship was just announced by the Organizer, at Maxsoft - Pokemon HGSS TCG Tournament

    And in the future, Battle Road Events and City Championship at the end of the year!
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