Forum Handle: konachan
Name to be addressed with: konachan
Age: 20
Location: Singapore, Tampines
Interests: Anime, Japanese Culture, Console Gaming, Movies, Figure Collecting, Learning Japanese Language (JLPT-N4 as of 2014)
Dislikes: Football

Short Introduction:
Hi everyone! I only just registered here to expand my anime friends network. Looking for friends who enjoys talking about anything Japanese and to tag along to events such as EOY and most notably AFA. Go ahead and add me on skype as I feel is it easier of to chat more conveniently.

Long Introduction:
I started enjoying Anime since 2005. Some notable top anime I have watched in my time so far are; cardcaptor sakura, death note, full metal alchemist, sword art online, psycho pass, clannad, kanon ... I watch all kinds of anime genres, mostly enjoying anime that are psychological thrillers and romance stories. Otherwise, I do enjoy all sorts of anime.

I am also very keen in console gaming, where in which I am a big fan of the Metal Gear Series. I play a variety of genres, but I usually play genres more to stealth action (Metal Gear, Splinter Cell) and RPGs (Fallout, Final Fantasy, Tales of Series ). I am also planning to purchase a Playstation 4 next year and I would be happy to have friends who can play with me.

I started learning Japanese about 2 years ago, whilst balancing my own responsibilities with school work. Currently studying on my own using textbooks bought from kinokuniya, I would love to meet friends who are studying as well to exchange learning tips and possibly study together.

Skype: [email protected]

I hope we can get along! よろしくお願いします!