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    Default Hi i'm KAIRI name after SF EX character

    Forum Handle: simpleteetop
    Name to be addressed with: Kairi (name after street fighter EX)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38 (very old --")
    Location: SG
    Interests: sport, movie, coffee (favourite), Kamen Rider, interacting...
    Dislikes: noise, pestering ppl...

    Hi all, I'm new here, pls call me KAIRI, doesn't know that AFA had over, had miss the event. i watch anime like psycho pass, Attack on Titan, Naruto etc... Bigger FAN of KAMEN RIDER ^^
    I had modify my henshin belt from normal kid size to adult size... feeling really amazing hee...

    I'm also doing tee shirt printing, as low as $20 per printed tee shirt.
    You can choose your prefered image or logo, choose your prefered tee shirt and last but not least which part to print on your shirt.
    Do email me at [email protected] or visit my website t-shirts
    Secondly, i make weapon too. i created my own kamen rider henshin belt, I'm interested to help for weapon making, feel free to contact me

    Thanks ^^
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