Hey Guys, honestly, this is my first thread on any Forum (Maybe no one will care about this) but, it's not problem to make my own Self Introduction, Right?

Okay, You can Call me Leonald (Most People Call me on Real-Life),
Or, Michael
(Some People call me on Real-Life, and Most People Call Me on Social Media),

whatever you call me, it's not problem for me, okay, next!

I'm 15 Years old, (Maybe nobody care, but, like i say, "It's not problem")

I like to read, or if i have free time (but, As Student, It's Seldom to have much free time!) i will draw... I Often surfing on Social Media, or, Gaming (For Now, I Looking on game on Computer, and still Play Brave Frontier on Phone [or it can called Android]), i like anime too, but because i did'n have idea to watch any anime, i stop for watching it for sometime

I live on Indonesia, (Unique? Maybe... but nothing Unique on Internet [or... maybe everything is unique?]), for detail, i'm Live on Yogyakarta, East Java [Maybe if you live on there too, there's some change to know about me, i'm little famous on some Junior Highschool [Just Kidding])

so, What i should write again about my own Introduction? maybe i can write that next time if i have some time...

NB: If you interesting and want to find my facebook, just write my User Name (Heavenly Knight), and you will find me,

~ There is will be Hope, even you was fall into deepest abyss, just find and reach it ~ - Heavenly Knight