HELLOOOOOOO what's up guys hehe so here my little introduction!

Name to be addressed with: shieru
Gender: female
Age: 18
Location: Indonesia!
Interests: i love dogs haha, i love to draw,
Dislikes: well... basicly there is nothing i hate.... maybe... worms? Idk

So.... let's talk about my self more haha
I was born in 1997 (yeay 90's!) at a small city titled as Rain City in indonesia.

Back then in when i was a kid the weather isn't this hot and my city always raining even it was kemarau season (there is only 2 seasons in indonesia, it's Kemarau season and Rainy season)

Ohh and sorry first that my granmar ia kinda fvked up... seriously i try my best haha

I love to draw maybe since i was born? /no
Jk", maybe in kindergarden? Haha but seriously, that legendary drawing of 2 mountains !

I do digital art and traditonal art!
I really want to try realism but i'm still sucks haha i try my best!
For traditional art i love to do it with watercolor even my watercolor skill is pretty much sucks... but seriously once again i try my best
(Check my ig for my draw and random post! @shierukun)

I love cosplay too! I mean cosplay for everyone right? I know that i'm fat but yolow i still can at least make my self happy woot woottt!

Okayy i think that is enough of my random my self... just follow my ig to talk with me! 😁😁😊