Hello, You may call me Lune for short. I'm 15 years old and i lived in Indonesia. I like to Sing,drawing,writing and many more but my most favorite are this three. Of course, i'm not really good at all of them. I lack the skill to draw and sometimes i'm not really good at writing and sing...well it depends if i'm in the mood or not lmao. But well anyway, i also liked to Cosplay and i cosplayed once which is totally fun and i would like to do that again in the future if i have the time. And so, i dislike liars and arrogant people or maybe someone who act like they know everything while they're actually not? Yep.
And umm my reason to post this is because i'm currently following the Cat earphone giveaway, i wish that i would win this because i'm not sure if i could find one in my country, second its so damn expensive that i couldn't afford to buy it and third, if somehow my parents let me buy it (which is just a dream) that would be kind of hard since they want me to find it in my country not buy it online since yeah we have a history with it. And so this is why i would like to enter the giveaway and wish that i would win it because its one of my dream to win one and whenever i plan to buy it i just cant. Of course, i wont be act like im desperate for it, sometimes its just not my luck and i know how i mustnt hope too much on a giveaway but this time i hope that i could have one because i really need it (i fell in love with the headphone in a first sight lol creys) but yeah. If i somehow win it i would be so absolutely happy that i can win this and probably jump around in my house like im sorta like crazy ppl /nope. And if not, that's fine maybe its just not my day. Maybe its not my luck.

I will end it here now, thank you and goodluck for everyone who participate it as well.