Forum Handle: rekawaiisuki
Name to be addressed with: Reka
Gender: Female
Age: 27 yrs old
Location: Philippines
Interests: Cute and girly stuff, fashion, sweets, anime, Kpop, dogs
Dislikes: Getting pricked by needles and injections.

Even though I am a dog person, I have an obsession for cat ears haha.. I find them really cute so I have a bunch of cat ear headbands. I am a cosplayer but right now I am on hiatus lols. If I can be more daring I'd like to dye my hair pastel pink, peach or ombre gray. I would say I am kawaii-holic if there is such term lols . I'm easily attracted to cute things even if I don't really need them, especially if it's Rilakkuma related stuff, fashion, bags, and anime related merch.