Forum Handle: Jhet_sca
Name to be addressed with: Jhet
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Location: Philippines
Interests: J music, anime, art, headphones, and calligraphy!
Dislikes: Cringe things, bad storylines, and rude people --"

Well, to explain more about myself, I'd like to say that I do like art a lot, I like music, calligraphy, cosplay, drawing, and headphones xD my friends were the ones who got me into being a headphone fanatic! I got into other interests by being bored at home, I started liking to write in a more stylish fashion because I had time, so I started doing calligraphy! I got into anime because I thought the art style was very unique than American cartoons, I started to try drawing and such and that's how I got into drawing too! I watched every single opening and ending sequence of every series I've watched and downloaded atleast one song because I love J music that much xD

That pretty much sums it up for my introduction, feel free to give me a message for absolutely anything! Just don't get too crazy xD let's have a nice chat if you want :3