Forum Handle: Surya Hu
Name to be addressed with: Surya
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Location: Indonesia
Interests: Games, Cats, Food *yum*
Dislikes: insects

Random rantings.....? I don't even know what to write here, but well, since I already joined, one or two (long) sentences won't hurt :3
As stated at upper part of this post, you can call me Surya and I'm 19 years old (gonna be 20 in few days, I'm not ready to be olderrr ._.)
Currently I'm studying at a university in my home country and I'm taking Communication major (lol a communication student who doesn't know what to write for an introduction post)
Looks like that's all I can think about to write here. Thank you for wasting your 2 minutes just to read this post :3
Lol just kidding, your time is not wasted, you get to know a new member here and that's not really a waste (who cares, you read it until the very end anyway)

Ok ok, it's already more than two long sentences XD
This time it's really finished, once again thank you so much for reading and yoroshiku :3