Name to be addressed with: KaeMing !
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Location: Singapore
Interests: Watching anime & Cosplay (?)
Dislikes: Not sure HEHE

I'm new to the cosplay scene, please guide me onee sans and senpais <3
Imma just gonna paste everything from my MAL

My Top 5 Favorite Singers/Band:
-Alisa Takigawa
-Wagakki Band

What type of anime do i like?
It depends on my mood actually, mostly shoujo/drama or psychological/mystery.
** I'm very picky when it comes to shoujo/romance anime thou :3

Favourite anime? [*]White Album (1/2)[*]Clannad[*]School Days

Some anime worth mentioning:[*]Ao Haru Ride[*]Sukitte ii na yo[*]Death note[*]Code geass

Thanks for reading! Cya around!