Want to send your child to study in Singapore? We specialize in helping foreign students from China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and many other countries, enter Singapore’s government/public schools through the AEIS (Admission Exercise for International Students) with just 6 to 9 months of preparation.

We offer a full range foreign student abroad studies services including:
1. Homestay, Guardianship/Hostel Arrangements for Foreign Students in Singapore
2. Local Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS) to Singapore Government Schools
3. AEIS Prepatory Course Enrolment for Foreign Students
4. Student Pass Application and Student Pass appeal submission for Foreign Students
5. Nursery/ Kindergarten Enrolment
6. International School Enrolment (Montessori, Grade 1- 12)
7. Private Education ( O / A levels Preparatory course/ Diploma/ Degree/ MBA certifications)
8. Professional Certifications (IELTS, TESOL, English, SAT etc.)
9. Application of entry to local tertiary & higher education institutions (Polytechnics & Universities) for Foreign Students in Singapore
10. Social visit pass extension
11. School tours and registration for Foreign Students in Singapore
12. Liaising and document submission with ICA for Foreign Students
13. Airport pickup for Foreign Students
14. Opening of Bank account for Foreign Students
15. Medical Check for Foreign Students
16. Car purchase/ rental arrangement for Foreign Students
17. Property purchase/rental arrangements for Foreign Students
18. Insurance arrangement
19. Chauffeur Services
20. Local Orientation Tours for Foreign Students

Why choose us?
We have a tested and proven 3-prong AEIS strategy with 97% success rate! Our strategy has worked for hundreds of foreign students and helped them to pass their AEIS examination with as little as 6 months of preparation!
1) Enroll in AEIS preparatory class
2) Engage an AEIS qualified private home tutor
3) Enhance classroom learning and private revision with our AEIS Exam Practice Mock Paper

Free and non-obligatory consultation! NO AGENCY FEES!
Need help with processing your applications to local government agencies? We will act as your local representative in Singapore! Send your children to Singapore for their world class education without any headaches by tapping into our experience and expertise.

Call us to speak to our Education Service Officer at +65 8298 7978 or email us at [email protected].

Foreign Student Services (Direct Agent)

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