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Wantto further your studies in Singapore? Look no further, Study Abroad Singaporeoffers English Certificate, Diploma, Degree and even Mastersfrom reputableprivate institution in Singapore to carve either our education or careerpathway. Our courses and programs are offered by reputable and acclaimedschools in Singapore and Worldwide. We have a wide range our courses andprograms for you to choose from. We will help you to apply for your Student Pass and even arrange for Homestay/Hostel or Guardianship services.

Who are we?
NanyangLearning is an educational consultancy which has till date helped many studentsin shaping their education landscape. As one of the leading names in theeducation service industry, we are fueled by more than a decade of experience,a strong belief in quality education and providing top notch service standards.We offer a full range of unparallel services from planning your educationaljourney to taking care of legal procedures here in Singapore.

Why us?
Weare an education consultancy and we aim to provide sound advice and world classservices to help you integrate into the education system here.

Why study here?
Singapore’sconvenient geographic location has made it a global hub for foreign talents,there are 4 official languages recognized in Singapore: Chinese, Malay, Tamiland English. In addition to these, there are more than 20 other languagesspoken in Singapore.

Internationalstudents who wish to study abroad in Singapore will need a visa. There isanother document needed for studying in Singapore: a Student Pass.A StudentPass allows you to work during your studies. All international students canwork during holidays but are limited to 16 hours of work per week in term time.We will help you apply for student pass in the shortest time possible andminimize the waiting rather than you applying it yourself. Duration range from2 weeks to 6 weeks.

Courses offered:
1) Language
- English Certificate/ IEITS Certificate

2) Business Management*IN DEMAND*RegistrationStarts Now!
- Diploma, Degree & Masters

3) Hospitality and TourismManagement(POPULAR CHOICE AMONG STUDENTS)
- Diploma & Degree

*ForHospitality and Tourism courses, there is a compulsory 6 months of IndustrialAttachment where students are being posted to reputable hospitalityorganizations. These organizations are household names in the world ofhospitality and tourism.POSSIBLITY TO GET RECRUITED BY THOSE TOPORGNAISATION AFTER COMPLETION OF ATTACHMENT!

4) Construction Engineering
- Diploma

Further your studies in reputable universities with ConstructionEngineering Diploma:
TrineUniversity, University of South Australia, La Trobe University, GriffinUniversity and Federation University Australia

5) Logistics and Supply ChainManagement
- Diploma

6) Early Childhood (Childhood Care& Education, Childhood Teaching)
- Diploma& Degree

Course Fees
Contactus at (65) 8298 7978 and we will help you check the relevant fees required byyour preferred course and program.

Entry Requirement
Entryrequirement is subjected to relevant qualifications for different entry level.Please approach us and we will assist you determining your suitability and wewill advise you on your next step of action.

Career Opportunities
Dependingon your field of study, graduates are equipped with the necessary skills,knowledge and attributes to undertake a wide variety of professional positionsacross a broad range of industries.

Wedo provide other services like helping students applying for student pass, findguardianship, homestay/hostel services and many others. At Study AbroadSingapore we aim to help students integrate into life in Singapore. We want thebest for our students and carve a bright path out of their education here.

Want to know more?
Callus today at (65) 8298 7978 for a free consultation of the programs and coursesoffered by us and we will be more than willing to assist you in any way we canhelp. Do visit our website www.studyabroadsingapore.comfor more information

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