Hey everyone! Guild of Bonds (絆之坊) is finally open for prop and accessory commissioning! Do pop over to our cosplay page link below to learn more!


If you are interested in a prop or accessory commissioning with us, do drop us an email at [email protected]! Or PM us via our page here at https://www.facebook.com/bondguild/!

Props we have made so far:

- D.Grayman Miranda Lotto's Time Record
- Dynasty Warriors 6 (DW6) Lu Xun's sword (heavy weapon version)
- Blazblue Jin Kisaragi's Yukianesa
- Blazblue Noel Vermillion's Bolverk
- Sword Art Online (SAO) Kirito's Elucidator
- Sword Art Online (SAO) Asuna's Lament Light
- Fate/Extra Saber Nero's Aestus Estus
- FFXV Prince Noctis's Engine Sword
- Owari No Seraph Shinya's Byakkomaru

Accessories we have made so far:

- Trinity Blood armband and beret accessories
- Soul Calibur 3 Amy Sorel's choker
- Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Sakura Halloween themed choker
- D.Grayman Miranda Lotto's armband (2nd uniform jumpsuit version)
- Blazblue Jin Kisaragi's costume add-ons
- Blazblue Noel Vermillion costume add-ons and arm bangles
- Million Arthur Technosmith harness, belt and add-ons
- Million Arthur Sorcery King cloak clasp, belts and beaded emblems
- Sword Art Online (SAO) Kirito's sword harness and arm accessory
- Sword Art Online (SAO) Asuna's necklace - Yui
- ALO Lyfa's choker
- Owari No Seraph Ichinose Guren and Hiiragi Shinya collar pins and Moon Demon Company insignias
- Kuroshitsuji Claude Faustus (Self-Designed) choker
- 全职高手,夜雨声烦 Snowflake Sword Tassle

Below are some samples of our works, do check them out! And to see more of our works, you can check out our blog site here as well! Our first client commission - FFXV Prince Noctis's Engine Sword is listed below as well!