From my point of view, now is high time to investing after crashing stock markets in Jan. And I suggest to invest in developing markets, for instance, Indian. As for Indian stocks, I can suppose that it will be good investing.
Actually, the best way of investing today is Singapore stocks, commodities, because, it seems to me, the assets for them is undervalued. For example, if we say about SGX Shares, SembCorp and Oil&Natural are good companies to invest in. The analysis is not unambiguous and drawdown only from one month and longer. Actually, analysts confirm that commodities assets (oil, gas etc) will jump, of course, with a lag. You can read the latest and most relevant news about these assets here - Stock Market News and Share Investment blogs

By the way, because of wide-spreading information, technologies and companies, which deal with providing information are rising sharply. That's why I consider that investing in Infosys we'll be good. More news about this asset you can find at this link Share Investment Update

Of course, we should remember that Singapore Economy is jumped last 10 years and it's the right way to invest in SGX companies' shares.