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    Default Looking for all kinds of Services provider for Collaboration - Singapore

    Looking for all kinds of Services provider for Collaboration - Singapore

    We are dealing with Foreigners who might need mass services upon settling down in Singapore. Therefore I would love to collaborate with services providers for referral fees.

    1) Sale/ Rental Cars/ bus/ mini van etc
    2) Maids
    3) Homestays
    4) Music related/ Tuning/ 1st, 2nd Hand
    5) Services ( plumber, air con, curtain, contracter etc)
    6) Swimming/ Hobbies instructor
    7) Bank loans
    8) Mineral water/ coke suppliers etc
    9) Courier
    10) Movers
    11) 2nd hand furniture
    12) Internet/ house phone connection
    13) Lighting
    Etc etc

    Interested, kindly send an email/ call/ sms to us with your services provided. We are looking forward to working long term with you.

    - Gratify Tuition & Education Services (Singapore Education)-

    [email protected]
    Contact: (65) 6787 9759/(65) 8298 7978 (Open daily: 11am to 11pm)
    Business Registration No.- 53077407X
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