SpreeUS Singapore has operated since 2010 and has been performing evaluation runs on sprees since 2010. Till date, we have processed more than 5,000 orders and shipped out items from many merchants to countless satisfied customers. Now that we have done our necessary evaluation, we are proud to introduce our permanent spree service. We are here to stay

With the vast amounts of experience and expertise, we are able to ship merchandise from restricted merchants such as *********** and Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein etc that do not normally ship to Singapore. Knowing that access to these restricted merchants is a relatively daunting task (as they practice geoblocking), we have even implemented an on site VPN service that allows you to obtain access to these merchants without hassle. That is how committed we are to you and your orders.

Due to numerous requests, SpreeUS Singapore has made a test run of fragrance orders in 2013. We are extraordinarily excited to announce that due to a series of new partnerships with authorized fragrances manufacturers and distributors, we are now able to purchase fragrances, perfumes and colognes for you at a lowered cost. These fragrances are delivered fresh from these authorized manufacturers upon the placement of your order. They are shipped from France, USA, Hong Kong and London to our warehouse in Singapore under temperature controlled environments. Upon arrival at our warehouse, our dedicated staff merticulously packs these fragrances and we then ship out these items to you within 2 working days.

Of course, all of these magnificent product offerings are topped off by our dedicated service team that works round the clock to fulfill your orders and answer any queries you may have. We provide support for our customers in many different ways. You may contact us via email, online chat, or even leave us a message on facebook. We will reply to all queries in the fastest time possible, usually within 24 hours. Besides that, you can be rest assured that all orders placed during peak periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fulfilled within 2-4 hours. Our service has won praise and support from many customers in Singapore. We are so confident about our marvelous brand representatives that we offer a money back guarantee for late deliveries2. And puhlease, don't compare us with other spree organizers, as when it comes to service, there is really no comparison.

What are you waiting for? Shop, spree and save with us today.

SpreeUS Singapore
SpreeUS Singapore