Hi there Everyone!

I'm a new Fan Artist in our local Doujin scene started not too long ago in December 2013. Setting out, I've been drawing on a couple of cushions for sale on SG Ebay. They are called ChibiKusshos = Chibi + Cushion, simply because they are a chibi version of Dakimakuras. These cushions are 16" by 16" in size, made of 100% cotton.


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Valentine's Day Promotion
Purchase 2 to Enjoy the benefits below until 14th February! All items will not be reproduced and are of Limited quantity!
If you live in Singapore, we do self-collection on 15th February at the MRT station.

Custom Requests
Currently, I am accepting custom requests by the End of 17th Feb. So, send me an email to [email protected] if you are interested to know about the prices! And do visit our Online shop to get a good gauge of the pricing.

~Rei of Baahk