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    Talking Code Geass Event Doujin Spree

    Doujin Spree from Code Geass Only Event

    The event is on the 22nd of May so orders & cash have to be received BEFORE that date.

    There will be about 50 circles involved in this event so please do take a look at the link below to see if any of your favourite circle is inside! XD

    Service Fee:
    300 Yen per book

    Price range of doujins on the average is about 500-1000 yen , unless they are specials which can go up to 2000 yen or even more.

    Price will only be known at the event, so please give me your budget and any extras will be used for shipping and/or refunded back.

    Payments made by bank transfer please! =D

    2 Payments in total:

    1st payment: Price of books (budgeted amount)
    2nd Payment: any top-ups + shipping from Japan to Singapore (to be split among the orders)

    exchange rate= 0.0155
    (total amt in yen x 0.0155 = amount to be transferred. )

    There will be ONE meet-up over the weekend, emails will be sent out to notify you. =D

    If you are unable to make it for the meet-up, doujins will be sent via Singpost.

    Yep so email the following to world.of.fantasies[at]gmail[dot]com for orders or questions ok? =D

    Sgcafe Nick (If applicable):
    Contact no.:
    Order (Please give the circle's name, the title, quantity, etc):
    Comment (special requests etc):

    Thanks! <3
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