On October 17th 2013 the server hosting Fallen Worlds Online crashed and what should have been a simple reboot or restore turned out to be our worst fears incarnate; a hard disk failure, unlogged replication failure of over a year and corrupt backups. Simply put, Fallen Worlds was effectively dead in the water. The source code was safe, but our personal backups were too old to use.

For some time before this, we had begun on Advanced Fallen Worlds as a means to build everything we wanted and requested by our members into a new engine. The crash forced us to divert all available resources to push the new site live as fast as possible - it was agreed that rebuilding the old site would cause a severe delay to the new site and we could not rely upon the integrity of the old data.

Now we are here, with Advanced Fallen Worlds ready to play!

What is fallen worlds, it is a fully functional free to play browser TCG. you can do anything in it you can in a real table top tcg it isn't like most online tcg's. so come check us out and enjoy all the add features such as.....

Brand new Battle layout
We have redesigned the in-game layout for easier user and better clarity to what is happening.

Capital Cards
Representing your capital life, these new cards provide unique abilities to enhance your decks and factions.

yes, in addition to the regular 1v1 games, we also have 1v2, 1v3, 2v2, 2v3 and even 3v3 which can be mixed with both players and bots. How cool is that!

New Achievements
We have new achievement conditions and will be adding new cards on a regular basis.

Coin Multiplier
Want more coins? Now, every consecutive day you complete a game the number of coins you receive for playing will be multiplied by an increasing amount.

Resource Pool and Stacking
Advanced Fallen Worlds now utilises a Resource Pool in the game that determine the maximum number of Resources you can stack or store at the end of your turn. This limit is equal to 5, plus 1 for each Resource card you have in play - it is also possible for other cards to affect this pool limit. Any Resources beyond this limit at the end of your turn will be lost.

We are currently working on and will be releasing soon
Guild system with guild wars
Weekly Tournements
An adventure style mini game.

See you in the game,
Advanced Fallen Worlds