Cards at $2:
Glass bead dragon
Elite mutant, giraffa
Fang of light, garmore
Maiden of libra
Moonlight witch, vaha
Knight of white dragon, pendragon
Goddess of flower, sakuya
Starlight melody tamer, Farah

Cards at $3:
Crimson beast tamer
miracle beauty RRR
Curse armour general, giraffa RRR
Amber dragon eclipse RRR
Spirit exceed RRR

Cards at $4.50:
Maiden of trailing rose

Above $5:
Spectral duke RRR $12
Perfect raizer RRR $8
Ravenous dragon, gigarex RRR $6
Nightmare doll, Alice RRR $19
Stealth beast, leaves mirage $12
Maiden of blossom rain $10
Paralyze madonna $8
Commander laurel $24
Barrier star-vader, promethium $32

Those not stated are RR cards.

PM me for negotiation!

Prices listed are checked from Hobby Store Shockwave

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