Hi, like to sell my collection here in line of this week tourny at MGW:


Dragonic Kaiser, Vermillion x 1 @ S$25
Dragonic Deathscythe x 1 @ S$8

Take both for S$30

Angel Feather

Cosmo Healer, Egodiel x 2 @ S$6 each
Pure Keeper, Requiel x 1 @ S$15
Circular Saw, Kiriel x 2 @ S$12 each

Take all for S$40

Necromancer of the Ice Prison, Cocytus x 1 @ S$7
Deadly Swordmaster x 2 @ S$6 each
Death Seeker, Thanatos x 1 @ S$6 each

Take all for S$15

Gold Paladin

Player of the Holy Bow, Vivian x 4 @ S$10 each

Take all for $30

Currently looking for cards too, will be ideal for us to trade. Here is the list i am looking for:

Great Silver Wolf, Garmore x 2
Sleygal Sword x 3
Charjgalx 2

Please do take note that all transcation will be done on this sat at MGW. Thanks. If you wanna trade with me, please state the cards you want, and i will consider and reply you, thanks again.