WTS: Bermuda Deck Riviere/Lena Build <<OFFER ME>>
Grade 0
Starter: G0 riviere
Trigger can be anything u ask for
Grade 1
4x G1 riviere
4x Sedna
4x Ellie
3x Blazers Pleasure
Grade 2
3x G2 riviere
4x Aqua
3x Flute
2x Izumi
Grade 3
4x G3 riviere
2x Lena

Upon Request some C/R and even Rivirie G3 can be swapped out for another Lena.

Blazing Flare Dragon Deck.
Notable Foils include 4x Dual axe, 3x Blazing Flare, 3x Barri, 4x Kinnala.
Foils can be sold seperetly for this deck only.