WTS WS Saber Cards from FSN and FHA (Full set) as a stack

Wei 900 yen X4
Wei 180 yen X3
Wei 200 yen x1
Wei 250 yen x2
Wei 300 yen x2
Wei 300 yen x3
Wei 400 yen x1
Wei 350 yen x2
Wei 450 yen x2
Wei 300 yen x4 Big Web Price

ヴァイスシュヴァルツ|カードリスト S$5 x4

Stack is worth about 150 SGD. Offer me a reasonable amount and I will consider.

I can meet up at any MRT station in the east up to city hall on a weekday evening or weekend afternoon.

You can sms me at 98778275 or send me a message on facebook with your offers. Do note that these are EXTINCT cards in Singapore and I follow orenoturn/YAJ prices.

I can also ship overseas via registered mail if need be.