Want to sell away some cards in my collection for some cash

YugiOh! OCG

1x Sun God of Ra (G4 Promo)
1x Dragon Riding Wyvern (G4 Promo)
1x Thunder Unicorn (Super Rare)
1x Lightning Tricorn (Ultra Rare)
1x Commander Covington (Secret Rare - PP9)
1x Sky Demon God Invicil (3D FOT
1x Rocket Warrior (VB Promo)
1x Blowback Dragon (Ultra Rare)
1x E.Hero Flare Neos (Ultra Rare)
1x D.Hero Diabolic Guy (Ultra Rare)
1x Agent of Judgement Saturn (Ultra Rare)
1x Relinquished (DL Ultra Rare)
1x XYZ (Structure Deck Kaiba Ultra Rare)
1x UFORoid Fighter (Ultra Rare CRV)
1x Flute of Summoning Dragon (EX Ultra Rare)
2x Ruthless Denial (Duelist Pack Super Rare)

YugiOh! TCG

2x Eccentric Boy (Duelist Pack Super Rare)
1x Twilight Rose Knight (Super Rare)
1x Polymerization (LOB-Super Rare)
1x VWXYZ (Super Rare)

Kingdom Hearts TCG(JAPANESE)


STILL Updating this post as some of the cards are at home and I am still in camp doing duty.

Anyway you can either PM me with your offer or can text me at 91904737. TY