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    Default Custom Panniers/ decora/ Fairy kei skirt

    Hello ! Thank you for clicking on my thread !

    I'm going to be selling handmade tutu/panniers that will be made according to your needs!
    Each of these will only set you back a base fee of $20 each, and any other decoration options will be priced accordingly ~

    Important information:
    Any orders will take about 1 week to process and make
    Shipped from Australia at buyers expense
    No deposit required, bank transfer and posting will be synchronized
    Please keep in mind that these will be hand-made by a student in textiles so the quality will not be tailor-perfect, but they do the job by being super puffy and photographing well~!
    Please PM if interested !

    Photos :


    Elastic band area

    The puff

    The skirts will be made of stiff tulle/netting that can be quite translucent and rough so it is recommended that you wear leggings or stockings with it

    Customization options :
    >>You can pick anything from ribbons to bells to handmade felt plushies subject to avaliability
    >> Each decoration can set you back up to $5 for the whole skirt
    >Colour : Pink, white, black, cream, purple, red etc depending on availability of material
    >> Colour won't affect base price unless you pick 4 or more colours !
    >Elastic/ ribbon
    >> More poofy = slightly more pricey; Less poofy =slightly less pricey
    >Lining [Y/N]
    >> Can set you back material price only !
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